“Cogito, ergo armatum sum: I think, therefore I am armed” (The Modern GunSlinger)

“The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” (Thomas Jefferson)

“To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.” (Richard Henry Lee, American Statesman, 1788)

Anyone reading this blog will agree that our world is rapidly changing. As I write this we have a White House administration which is doing all it can to erode our unalienable rights, impose Marxism on the States and encourage the growth of Islam worldwide. Obama is the Monarch of which the founding fathers warned might seat himself in the Presidency and he is doing all he can to shred the Declaration and Constitution. Obama’s administration has done more to destroy our unalienable rights to keep and bear arms than any previous administration.

Here at home crime is increasing. The Obama administration has very effectively undermined our national economy. There are more people living in poverty and on food stamps that at any time in our nation’s history. He has effectively created a near permanent underclass which is virtually totally dependence on the Federal government’s handouts.

He has inspired through the White House and the Department of Justice class warfare. Black on white crime is at an all time high and increasing. Various news outlets daily report about the war on the “white man.” In many cases the uptick in crime is just a response to the desperation people feel who can’t find work. The poor are often driven by their dire circumstances to take drastic and uncharacteristic measures to survive.

Even the American policing forces are becoming problematic. The Supreme has decided in its useless wisdom that a police officer does not have a Constitution duty to protect the citizens of the city, county or municipal by whom he is paid. So much for the phrase “To Serve and Protect.” Most police officers are good, moral citizens who became an officer because they have an innate desire to help. But this attitude is waning. How much longer will it be before a police officer refuses to put himself in harm’s way when called upon by the citizenry. There are many police officers and organizations which today question the validity of the proper interpretation and role of the 2nd amendment if not the Constitution itself. Besides when a police officer stops a crime from being committed he is because he merely happened to be in the right place at the right time. Policing forces are responders and the true first line of defense against crime is the armed patriot.

To add, there is the ever increasing threat of Islam and hostile nations such as Iran and North Korea. Americans are constantly told that Islam is peaceful and today as I write this there were two news articles in which Muslims were murdering Christians. Our President has betrayed the Constitution and his oath aligning himself with the Muslim Brotherhood, many of whom are presently occupying positions in our political structure.

North Korea and Iran are “rogue” nations which exist to spread their political systems and to destroy America. It is clear Iran is much, much closer to a nuclear arsenal than most of our politicians will publicly admit. The greatest fear of most is not so much a nuclear strike on land but a air blast creating an EMP which effectively would save the land and structures while creating an environment in which over 280,000,000 Americans are expected to die. All Iran has to do is walk in and take over. This is simply a very quick overview of our present situation and it is dire.

This website is devoted primarily to providing educational resources to equip the everyday patriot to aggressively respond to an insurgent who has violated the sanctity of his home putting the family’s lives in danger. Frankly, I do not like the word “defensive” although I will use it. I realize that by definition when an insurgent is confronted within our home we are defending. But very often the term “defending” is defined as picking up the phone, calling 911, herding the family into a safe room hopefully with a weapon trained on the door and anxiously waiting for the police to show. I am sure there are times when this is the best course of action. Historically, through, it is only recently that homeowners have put their lives and the lives of their families in the hand of an armed civilian responder, one who by law, today, is not required to put themselves into danger on behalf of the citizen.

Additionally, the success of the whole scenario is based on the belief that the police, if they do respond, will respond in time. I don’t like putting my life or my family’s life in the hand of another if at all possible.

Learning to properly respond to an insurgent in one’s home is not a panacea to every hostile scenario nevertheless, if done properly the tools and training involved will cover the vast majority. The seminars and articles I write will cover the following areas of combatives: Hand-2-Hand, Home defense, Point-shooting and Tactical Shotgun strategies. I have chosen the specific methods for each because I believe they are the proper methods for home defense. My choices do not mean they are the only methods that might be useful nor does it mean the choices are accepted as proper by others. The field of self-defense is very splintered among the various experts and schools. Thankfully, most of what is taught in each schools can be very useful. That being said the methods I have chosen to teach are battle-tested either in combat, when appropriate or actual situations where a person had to defend their home and loved ones. I do pray that what I have to offer will help make your life and home more secure.

God bless!

  1. Dorothy Lunche says:

    Congratulations! I look forward to updates.

  2. Rockie Rogers says:

    could I have your e mail address???
    Thanks RLR

    • Bo Perrin says:

      Hi,sir. Please don’t take this the wrong way. I do not mind sharing my email with others as long as I know who they are. I unfortunately deal with some real crazies (I AM NOT saying you are) so I have be extra careful. Can you give me some info about yourself? Thanks

      • Mike Travis says:

        Why not add a Contact Us link? That way, you can respond to requests privately. Just a thought Sir.

        Glad I found your site. I will be sharing it with my friends who think the same way as you do, which I do as well. God Bless.

  3. Ron LaBate says:

    I would like to hear more of what you have to say

    • Bo Perrin says:

      Thanks for posting to my blog Ron. If you want you can enter your email into the follow button on the top left. This way when I post you will receive a notification. I look forward to discussion this very important subject with you.

  4. jColes says:

    Bo … now this is a project, my brother! Very well done … is that you with the flat top haircut? My goodness, but you’re retro!! (heheheh…)

  5. Donna says:

    Thanks for this blog – sounds like you will be writing on things we need to know. A town 15 miles from us has had several home invasions in the middle of the night – it’s 2 or 3 black guys and they tie up the homeowners while they are in bed. One was a man and his 4 children – the 14 year old son asked a question and they pistol whipped him. Things are getting really violent around here. It seems to me that Obama promotes black on white crime.

    • Bo Perrin says:

      Thank you Donna for your encouragement. I pray that what I post and write will be beneficial to help people protect themselves and families during these invasions. If you are inclined to please sign up for emails of the posts and writings. Thank you again. Be safe.

  6. peppereyes says:

    I find it amazing how people think this way, but fear has always created great myths…we have a democracy..which is currently elected by THE PEOPLE, and the founding father were wise enough to put limits on the powers that any office can have and divided that power in three branches. Barak Obama is currently the President of the US, and his powers and authority is limited by the Congress, the courts, and the people. Unless there are unusual circumstances his term will end in 2016. Then someone else will be President, and some of the faces in congress will change with their own set of idea, However and whoever has political power…we are still responsible for ourselves.
    If you research the political history you can always find an element of the population who thought president X was going to ruin America. Wilson was suppose to be bad, Roosevelt was suppose to be bad, Truman was suppose to be bad…. well they have some in gone.

    Also you may want to check the crime data for the last 6 years…violent crimes have be DROPPING and the crimes aren’t all BLACK ON WHITE, there are Black on White, Black on Black, White on Black, and White on Black – FACTS. And I can’t argue which elements of the population commit the most crime…largely the poor, desperate, and stupid.

    There are also all kinds of crimes, ranging from robbery to corporate, and even crony capitalism which certain elements seek to control the government ..of all crimes..this one poses the greatest threat to america..as companies seek to get more control.

    • Bo Perrin says:

      Fear? No fact. Democracy is not the proper term to use to describe the political structure the founding fathers created. They called it a Constitutional Republic, Republic or a Democratic Republic as Jefferson was so to do. Actually, the founding fathers to a man abhorred the concept of democracy. The populace of the country, unlike a democracy, directly vote only for their Representatives and amending the Constitution. They elect Representatives who are supposed to govern in Washington according to the will of those who put them into office within the constraints of the Declaration and Constitution.

      Your assumption is that the Constitution has some power to force elected Representatives to live within its guidelines. It does not. Whether it is President Obama or Senator McConnell the only reason these men would live within the guidelines of the Constitution is if they are virtuous. The most important issue to our founding fathers was virtue. They understood that the Constitution is merely a piece of paper and its only real force was the honor of the individual who was elected to help govern from Washington. President Obama, Vice President Biden, everyone Obama has appointed, the vast majority of the Democratic party and an increasing number of the GOP are without virtue. These men have decided to disregard the Constitution limitations, expand Federal power as was begun by the very Presidents you mention. This is merely fact.

      As for the fact check, actually I did check the stats for the last twenty. Here are some newspaper articles in 2011:

      USAToday: The violent crime rate went up 17% last year, ending a general decline in violence that began nearly 20 years ago, according to a new federal survey of crime victims … The Justice Department’s National Crime Victimization Survey also found an 11% increase in the rate of property crimes, including household burglaries and car theft.
      Fox News: Violent crimes unexpectedly jumped 18 percent last year, the first rise in nearly 20 years, and property crimes rose for first time in a decade. But academic experts said the new government data fall short of signaling a reversal of the long decline in crime.
      CNN: The rate of U.S. violent crime went up last year for the first time in nearly two decades due to a jump in assaults, the Justice Department said on Wednesday … Data collected by the Bureau of Justice Statistics in telephone surveys showed a 22 percent increase in assaults, pushing up the overall rate for violent crime for the first time since 1993.

      Fact; Crime rose and has not receded.

      Your statement about Black on white crime is a bit disingenuous. Everyone who has studied these issues understands the various categories which you mentioned. The issue is that Black on white is the most under reported of these issues. If this were true of any of the other categories I would have reported it as well. One category which is not mentioned because I could not find any real information is Asian gangs and home invasions. What I hear though is they are using home invasions to as a source of income and very violent. There is more than enough evidence to support the issue of Black on White crime.

      I agree wholeheartedly that one of the most dangerous crimes is big Corporations taking control of the government. The political structure of the US is one of Representative government and no Corporation represents any of the populace. But the Marxism, Communism and Islam (Muslim Brotherhood) are just as grave a threat as the government by Monsanto for they are anti-Constitutional in form and philosophy. But the largest threat is the continual eroding of our individual rights. Yes, we must stand up for ourselves no matter who is in office and yet, we have forces on the State level who would force us to run in the face of danger either in a public area that I am by law allowed to occupy or my own home. The loss of individual liberty due to both Federal and State regulations is the largest crime in American


  7. jcoles says:

    Bo … First, I agree with everything I see here in your ‘statement of principles.’ Second, as we’ve come to know each other my respect for your intellect & focus on the issues of our time continues to grow.

    You’re exactly right that our republic and its founding principles are under relentless attack by (my description) anti-humanist-anti-civilization forces … the desciples of darkness and tyranny.
    Surviving this onslaught will require skills & dedication to principle that most people don’t have, thus your blog provides an important service by making your readers aware of the threats & offering useful info on how to prepare for and react to them.

    I know that defeating the enemies of liberty requires that we neither ask for nor offer quarter.

    Keep pounding the points home, brother.

  8. John Gregory Harris says:

    Great site, Bo…I’ve shared it on Come and Get Them (Molon Labe)…

  9. babs says:


    you are a crazy paranoid

  10. Paul Lemmen says:

    Excellent blog and excellent articles. I would extend the hand of friendship and Christian brotherhood to you my brother in Christ. Please visit our new blog (very recently created) and consider joining us as a member of the III Chaplain Corps (http://iiichaplaincorps.blogspot.com) a new organization dedicated to supporting the men and women of both the organized militias of the several states as well as the unorganized militia (and especially the III Militia) in the quest to restore Rightful Liberty to our Republic. We are still in the organizing phase and we are part of a newly founded 501 (c) (4). I thank you in advance for your courtesy in visiting our blog and for prayerfully considering joining or supporting our efforts. (BTW, clergy of all faiths are encouraged to join with the exception of the cult known as Islam.)

    Fr. Paul

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